Thunderball shs
Vital statistics
Real name Eliot Franklin
Species Human
Production details
First appearance To Err is Superhuman!
Voiced by Alimi Ballard

Thunderball is a member of the Wrecking Crew.


Thunderball was among the villains who set up a trap for Reptil to steal a fractal in the episode To Err is Superhuman!. Later he unknowingly touched a fractal turning him miniaturized but soon the fractal worn off turning him back to his original size. In Stranger From a Savage Land! , he was one of the villains who tried to steal the Star Quartz but was defeated by Iron Man and Wolverine. He then appeared in the episode Another Order of Evil, Part 1! where he, the Wrecker, and Doctor Doom tried to escape prison. They were all soon apprehended by Captain America.