Vital statistics
Real name Ulysses Klaw
Species Human
Production details
First appearance Hulk Talk Smack!
Voiced by A.J. Buckley

Klaw is a super-villain with a sonic-emitter for an hand. He is a member of the Lethal Legion.


In the episode Hulk Talk Smack! Klaw and Melissa Gold (under the name of Screaming Mimi) tried to get a fractal hidden in a book at the library, but soon were defeated by Falcon, Hulk and Wasp. Because of this, he and Screaming Mimi went to the local reservoir with Toad and the Melter by Doctor Doom. He was defeated by Hulk who brutally smashed over and over but is still surprisingly alive. He then appeared in Deadly is The Black Widow's Bite! about to defeat Captain America but his sonic emitter was destroyed by Wolverine.