Doctor Doom
Doctor Doom
Vital statistics
Real name Victor von Doom
Alias Dr. Doom
Species Human
Production details
First appearance And Lo... A Pilot Shall Come!
Voiced by Charlie Adler

Doctor Doom is the arch-rival of the Super Hero Squad and the main antagonist of the two seasons. A megalomaniac with a huge brain and total mastery of the sciences, Doom's sinister plans for world domination include conquering Super Hero City, eliminating the Super Hero Squad, and finding all the Fractals. As ruler of VillainVille, he has access to some of the vilest baddies around. Those who try to cross him usually don't survive to tell about it. He's loud and stubborn.


  • Energy Blasts
  • Flight


Season 1

. All the episodes gives first season.

Season 2

. "Another Order of Evil, Part 1!"

. "Another Order of Evil, Part 2!"

. "Villainy Redux Syndrome!"

. "Pedicure and Facial of Doom!"

. "Fate of Destiny!"

. "1602! (Six Against Infinity, Part 6)" (Pirate Version)

. "Missing: Impossible!"

. "Revenge of the Baby Sat!"

. "The Final Battle! ('Nuff Said!)"


Ruling the Universe

Torturing the Super Hero Squads


His Doom Bear



Super Hero Squads

Lethal Legion